Generator Remote Monitoring Systems

24/7 Generator Care with Remote Monitoring

Power Now is proud to be one of the only Houston-area generator dealers to provide 24/7 remote monitoring. Our monitoring systems maintain function in cell towers, medical facilities, data centers and government facilities as well as your home. And now, you can get the same power and technology to control your home’s or business’s backup generator offsite.

Remote monitoring represents the best way to detect the operating condition of your generator. The system will be able to detect and provide notification of a failure in real time. Power Now's program includes equipment with installation, 24/7 monitoring, plus an oil change when needed.

Our monitoring systems wirelessly scans your generator for signs of trouble, every second of every day. If it senses a potential problem, Power Now is alerted so that we can automatically reset or repair your system from a remote location. Corrections are typically made remotely, but if needed, we will dispatch a technician to your home to repair your power unit. Should this happen, you will automatically receive a notification via email or text message. In most cases, you do not normally have to be home for us to fix generator issues.

Our monitoring systems are round-the-clock assurance your generator is staying in tip-top shape. Contact us for more information about our 24/7 generator monitoring.