Industrial Generators and Services in Houston

Generac KohlerGECummins
Industrial Fuel Types AvailableNatural Gas, Liquid Propane, Diesel, Bi-FuelNatural Gas, Liquid Propane, DieselN/AN/A
Industrial Generator WarrantySpark ignited generator less than 130 HP is 2 year greater than 130 HP is 3 year, and compression ignited generators is 5 year.N/AN/AN/A
Industrial Generator KW Ranges10kW-600kW10kW-3250kWN/AN/A
Industrial Paralling AvailableYesYesN/AN/A

Very few industrial enterprises can afford to be without power, even for a matter of seconds. Loss of productivity due to a power outage can impact more than just revenue; it can hinder safety and livelihood as well. Protect your business with Power Now, a Houston-area leader in industrial generators for major commercial operations, manufacturing facilities, large farms and other industrial facilities.

Power Now understands that immediate emergency power supply is critical for large-operation buildings and plants to be able to operate daily and nightly. That is why we provide diesel and bi-fuel industrial power generators ranging from low-wattage standbys to 7000kW industrial generators or even larger for your company’s power needs.

Equally important as backup power supply is around-the-clock monitoring. Power Now’s alert monitoring system is remotely controlled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through OMNIMETRIX monitoring system. The system accesses your generator’s diagnostic information to scan critical operational data which is reported directly to Power Now and can be immediately reported to you or your engineers by request. Our monitoring system helps prevent generator problems by predicting trouble spots and ordering prioritized maintenance calls.

In addition to making immediate, as-needed maintenance calls, Power Now automatically handles scheduling and dispatching for regular maintenance needs like oil changes and tune-ups.

Have a peace of mind when it comes to your business. Our powerful generators and support network will ensure that your business and operations won’t suffer any outage-caused losses. Contact us today.